Starting a Business in the Larger Global Context: Tips and Advice

With this latest edited volume, The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) continues to do cutting-edge work on business innovation, providing insightful analyses of case studies of entrepreneurship to provide those seeking to found start-up companies with useful advice on how to go about doing so.  The entrepreneurs in this book include familiar names like Li Yanhong, Mo Tianquan, Shen Nanpeng, Wang Chaoyong, Xu Xiaoping, Yu Minhong, Zhang Lei, Wang Qiang, and Mao Daqing. CCG has been following and studying these individuals for many years. In addition to reviewing the past achievements of this group, the book details their latest views and activities. In particular, each one of these business figures was interviewed in-depth about their ideas regarding entrepreneurship as well as experiences and judgments of the current climate for business start-ups in China. Wang and Miao have sought to transmit to readers of the book  the keen insights, outstanding business acumen, and individual initiative displayed by these model entrepreneurs.