The President, Vice-President, Executive Directors and CCG Council Members, support CCG in a variety of ways, such as the sponsorship of research topics, activities and research fellows. To show its gratefulness to enterprises and individuals offering support the CCG has set up awards for sponsors. The awards include the Diamond Award, Platinum Award, Gold Award, and Silver Award, and are conferred according to the level of the sponsor’s contribution. The award lists will be published on the CCG Website, in the CCG Annual Report, CCG Journal, CCG Blue Book Series, Seminar Journal and other CCG publications.

Research subjects and activities in need of sponsorship include:

★ Policy Barriers for Chinese Enterprises Going Global

★ Internationalization Ranking Index of Chinese Enterprises

★ Survey on Multinational Corporations Role in the Development of Chinese International Talents

★ CCG --Blue Book of Global Talent Series

★ Annual Report on Chinese International Talent Competitiveness

★ Annual Report on Chinese International Migration

★ Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Returnees

★ Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Students Studying Abroad

★ Annual Report on Chinese Regional Talent Competitiveness

★ Suggestions from the Top 100 International Talents in China

★ Book Series on Overseas Chinese Scholars

★ History of Chinese Returnees

★ Think Tank Summit on China and Globalization

★ Forum on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises

★ Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Chinese Returnees

★ Harvard Alumni’s Forum on Chinese Public Policy

★ Chinese International Talent to Visit Top Think Tanks and Universities in China s

★ Exhibition of Chinese Returnees,

★ Documentary on Chinese Returnees,

★ Museum of Chinese Returnees

Please contact: Ma Lin or Dong Hui

Tel: 010-65611038