MSC Panel Video | From Confrontation to Cooperation?

Panel Discussion "Make Competitors Trade Again: From Confrontation to Cooperation?" co-hosted by Munich Security Conference and Geostrategy - World Economic Forum.Details

Fifth Annual China and Globalization Forum

Co-organized by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), China Association for International Economic Cooperation (CAFIEC), Ministry of CommerceDetails

Chinese Negotiators Head Back to Washington for More Talks

Chinese and U.S. trade negotiators will start the next round of talks this week in Washington, after discussions in Beijing last week that President Donald Trump called "very productive."Details

New Book by top CCG Scholar Defines Key Factors in China’s Geopolitical Strategy

The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) held a seminar on April 25, 2016, in which Professor Wang Jisi, President of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University, also a member of the CCG Academic Committee, introduced his newly published book Great Powers' Strategies.Details

Highly regarded CCG Scholar Calls for Reassessing Asian Values in New Books

Asian values need to be reassessed and reconstructed to provide a context in which people can appropriately understand China's experience and future, said Professor Zheng Yongnian of the National University of Singapore and Center for China & Globalization (CCG) Academic Committee Convener. Details

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How to Start a Business

The 40 representatives in this book were born on the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. They are the pioneers of the reform and opening up of China’s economy, successfully grasping the opportunities created by this shift to become renowned businessmen.Details

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Starting a Business in the Larger Global Context: Tips and Advice

With this latest edited volume, The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) continues to do cutting-edge work on business innovation, providing insightful analyses of case studies of entrepreneurship to provide those seeking to found start-up companies with useful advice on how to go about doing so.Details

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Chinese Returnees: The Right Time for Us in China

CHINEE RETURNEES is based on the documentary and focuses on 40 leading overseas returnees who have become important elites in China after returning to their mother country. Details

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The Chinese Overseas Investment Tide

The book provides useful macro- and micro-level policy suggestions for increasing the flow of Chinese outbound investment. It contains 14 chapters reviewing the trend of China’s outbound investment, challenges posed by the shortfall of the requisite talent firms need in going global, acquisition and integration of global brands, enterprise culture, and brand internationalization.Details

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Singapore’s Talent Strategy and Practice

This is the first book that provides an in-depth analysis of Singapore's talent strategy and lays out its implications for China, which is now in the middle of a major economic and social transition. Details

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A Collection of International Talent Strategy Essays

This book is a complete compilation of the author’s research work over years, which thoroughly and comprehensively covers all the aspects of talent strategies in China and abroad from both a theoretical and practical angle.Details

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Global Think Tanks

This book offers a comprehensive review and research of more than 30 top think tanks worldwide with many first-hand observations. Drawing on the experiences of world leading think tanks and examining on the philosophy and practice of these global think tanks, the authors analyze the emerging and development of Chinese think tanks, their trends, challenges and opportunities.Details

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Israel Valley: Creating Shield through Technological Innovation

Becoming a state of scientific and technological innovation is Israel’s strategy for coping with the challenges of inadequate natural resources and hostile neighboring countries. Israel has claimed global leadership in various high-tech sectors such as military equipment, telecommunication and IT system, biotech and environmental science. Details

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Globalizing China: The Influence, Strategies and Successes of Chinese Returnees

In recent years, a new spectacular group of entrepreneurs in China called Chinese Returnee Entrepreneurs (CREs) has emerged. Not only have they contributed enormously to the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, but they also have connected China to the outside world in today s globalized economy.Details

  • Fang Fang Zhang Xiaoqing Wang Yunfeng Xu Wenqing Yao Lijun Yang Baocheng Dai Zhikang Tang Haoxuan Li Zhendan Chen Feng Gao Yi Sheng Sitong Hua Xinghong Wang Yi Qin Hongtao Zhang Hongli Wang Shi Zhang Jianwei
  • Chen Chen Li Likai You Zhonghui Lu Dong Zheng Qunyi Zhang Libin Sun Youwen Li Ming Gao Mingfei Gao Yanding Mao Daqing Liu Jintian Chen Zhi Wu Yunqian Peng Jun Zhang Yaqin Ge Ming Yi Jinsheng
  • Yu Minhong Chen Shuang Chen Ning Wang Yixun Li Wen Li Haifeng Liu Hongchuan Wang Li Chen Xinhua Qi Lixin Pan Jun Zhao Bin Lu Qiaozhi Liu Yonghao Xu Tao Zhou Chenggang Zhang Yichen Wang Junfeng