Blue Books Series

Since 2012, CCG has written a series of detailed and incisive reports dealing with global talent, with a particular focus on the growing trend of Chinese coming back to China after studying and working abroad. This work has examined the factors causing these individuals to leave and then return to China, returnee entrepreneurship, and policy measures aimed luring overseas Chinese back home. The studies are published by Chinese Social Sciences Academy Press under the "The Blue Books Series" title and include "The Annual Report on the Development of China's Study Abroad", "The Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Returnees", "The Annual Report on Chinese International Migration" and, "China Regional Talent Competition." This series has won media acclaim and received wide recognition and respect in scholarly academic circles. It marks a milestone in the field of China's global talent research and has established CCG's authoritative status in this important field.

China Global Talent

China Global Talent Magazine is CCG's professional magazine focusing on important developments, trends and policies regarding global talent. In it, CCG synergizes views of international and domestic experts, including well regarded scholars, prominent business figures, and high-ranking government leaders. The magazine reviews and assesses the newest strategies for developing, attracting and retaining talent in and outside of China. In so doing, it seeks to strengthen China's mechanisms for talent management and enhancing innovation, while promoting global dialogue on these issues.

Policy Advisory Report

CCG puts out a weekly policy advisory report for China's Central Government and relevant ministries and offices. These reports gather and summarize advice from expert scholars and industry professionals. CCG combines and edits the weekly advisory reports into an annual book of suggestions reflecting the combined input of government officials, Chinese overseas students and scholars, including those who have returned to China, international relations specialists, and global entrepreneurs. Through the Policy Advisory Reports, CCG has devised yet another way of making itself an essential reference point for Chinese policy-makers.


CCG has a long-term partnership with the China Academy of Social Sciences Press, which every year publishes its Blue Book series dealing with global talent. This work and other CCG scholarship conforms to the highest global standards of think tank research, providing incisive and in-depth study of global talent circulation, overseas Chinese, and Chinese businesses going global. The Global Talent Blue Books, overseen Wang Huiyao, have become recognized CCG scholarly brand and trademark.


As a leading independent Chinese global think tank, CCG is committed to providing innovative and useful policy advice to government policy-makers in China that incorporates a strong international perspective. These recommendations are based on high quality research that makes use of quantitative data, detailed case studies, and expert opinion and input from highly regarded scholars, business leaders, and government leaders.

Other Research

The Center for China & Globalization (CCG) is China's leading independent think tank and pools together academic scholars, business leaders and public policy experts from both China and abroad. CCG's research focuses on the globalization of Chinese talent, Chinese enterprises going global, and other international issues, while exploring the opportunities and challenges for China in the globalization era.

Forum & Seminar

Each year, CCG organizes international themed summits on topics dealing with the global circulation of China's talent and internationalization of business in and outside of China. CCG also holds press conferences and seminars for the Blue Book Series on international talent. In addition, to these forums and seminars, CCG cooperates with its affiliated organizations and partners such as: the Asia Society, China Western Returned Scholars Association, Beijing Forum, and Chinese Returnee Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum. These diverse activities have all deepened CCG's footprint as a think tank and extended its influence within and outside of China.

China and Globalization

The China and Globalization Magazine has become essential reading for policy-makers in the Chinese Central Government Ministries, local government officials, top-level managers in flagship state-owned enterprises, prominent private businessmen, and highly regarded scholars and independent experts. CCG views the magazine as a platform for top-level policy analysts in and outside of China to discuss issues related to the country's society, economy, politics, education, and culture. CCG collects and publishes research papers and academic articles, circulating this work and the ideas within it among its stakeholders and the broader scholarly and policy-making communities in China and around the world.

Reseach Projects

Since its foundation, CCG has established a strong research partnership with state-owned and private companies, international organizations, and governments. We deliver rigorous scientific and professional research conforming to the highest global think tank standards to our clients, who have turned to our work for information and advice on international talent circulation, the globalization of Chinese business, and other relevant international issues.

Expert View

After doing a decade of research on global talent circulation, CCG has built an enormous international talent database. Included in this database are young Chinese studying abroad, older Chinese moving back and forth between foreign countries and the mainland, known in contemporary Chinese parlance as "seagulls" or "Argonauts," along with individuals involved in the Chinese Government "Ten Thousand Talents Program" or "Thousand Foreign Experts Program."


CCG regularly releases news regarding its research activities through multiple channels such as its official website (, major magazines and newspapers, WeChat, mobile news, and television and radio. Through this activity, CCG has established partnerships with hundreds of key media organizations at home and abroad to enhance its reputation in China and throughout the world.

CCG Newsletter

CCG newsletter summarizes and reports on the ongoing and new activities conducted by the think tank with respect to research, advising policy-makers, and public events. The newsletter offers incisive commentary from highly regarded scholars and public intellectuals in and outside of China on economics, politics, society, education, and culture. CCG newsletter functions as the bridge between the organization and our large and growing community of stakeholders, clients and individuals who follow our work.