Global Talents Competition Strategy

Author:Wang Huiyao

With the development of globalization, the globalization of talents is a trend irresistible and competition for talents has become fierce than ever. Competition for international talents is, in the final analysis, competition for talent cultivation, talent discovery and talent utilization policy, that is the competition of talent strategy. Therefore, international talents strategy is to be researched and established to create favorable environment for talent development, transform human resource into talent resource advantage and finally win the competition.

Global Talents Competition Strategy is part of the book series of “reinvigorating China through talent development” and the 12th Five-Year Plan’s national key publications, published by Central Party Building Books Press. This book is published in May, 2014 after two years of research of CCG.

This book offers a systematic comparison and analysis of the latest strategies and talents introduction policies in the world and makes recommendations to policymakers, theory researchers and practitioners for reference.