Chinese Returnees: The Right Time for Us in China

In 2014, the documentary entitled “China’s Returnees” was jointly put together by the Center for China & Globalization (CCG) and SMG and broadcast on Chinese television.  The program was warmly received and received good reviews.  The documentary details the inspiring life stories of modern Chinese returnees, outlining their specific views deep concerns on how China will move forward in the global context. CHINEE RETURNEES is based on the documentary and focuses on 40 leading overseas returnees who have become important elites in China after returning to their mother country.  The book has altogether eight chapters dealing with returnees who have distinguished themselves by virtue of their powerful wisdom, pioneering role in science and education, cultural impact, activities in creating new models in business, finance, law, and public service.  CHINESE RETURNEES also gives readers and in-depth look at the overseas studies and activities undertaken by these individuals before they returned to China and their vision of the  ”China Dream.”