The Chinese Overseas Investment Tide

The first meeting of the China Outbound Investment Forum hosted by the Center for China & Globalization (CCG) was marked by a fruitful and honest discussion of Chinese overseas investment by representatives from academia, the Chinese Government, and general public.  Individuals from these three circles shared their knowledge and practical experience and offered suggestions for facilitating the globalization of Chinese companies. This book brings together the insightful views expressed during the forum.  The book provides useful macro- and micro-level policy suggestions for increasing the flow of Chinese outbound investment.  It contains 14 chapters reviewing the trend of China’s outbound investment, challenges posed by the shortfall of the requisite talent firms need in going global, acquisition and integration of global brands, enterprise culture, and brand internationalization. The book concludes by discussing how to better prepare and equip Chinese firms investing overseas so as to provide them with a better sense of direction in carrying out such activity.