CCG Ranked as China’s 7th Top Think Tank; Listed among World’s Best Think Tanks


According to the 2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index by the University of Pennsylvania Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP), CCG was ranked 110th of the top think tanks worldwide, one of the world’s top 50 independent think tanks and one of 100 top think tanks to watch for in the world. TTCSP also ranked CCG as the 7th think tank in China and No. 1 social think among the top Chinese think tanks.

TTCSP announced the new ranking lists as it launched the “2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report”, the world’s most influential think tank evaluation and ranking system on Jan. 27-28th simultaneously in over 80 venues around the world, including the UN headquarters in New York and the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.

This year marks the ninth year that TTCSP released this annual report on think tank research. The report seeks to gain a better understanding of the role think tanks play in governments and civil societies. It does so by establishing a rigorous objective and fair evaluation system to track and rank global think tanks, as well as help them enhance their quality, capacity and performance. In 2015, TTCSP invited over 6,500 think tanks around the world to participate in the evaluation, and recruited more than 7,500 journalists, policy makers, think tanks, and public and private donors from 143 countries in the review and ranking process.

“The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report” does not use study outcomes as the single criteria to evaluate think tanks’ influence. The criterion used in the 2015 report includes the quality and commitment of the think tank’s leadership; quality and reputation of the think tank’s staff and research and analysis; ability to recruit and retain elite scholars and analysts, academic performance and reputation; and reputation with policymakers.

Established in 2008, CCG is a China-based leading international think tank dedicated doing research on China and globalization, especially with respect to the Chinese talent and business enterprises. Positioning itself as an “international, influential and constructive” think tank, CCG takes a global perspective when framing policy recommendations on these issues.

Over the past seven years, CCG has grown into a leading independent think tank, with over 80 full-time research and administrative staff, that has invited a great number of leading political figures, business executives, scholars and experts as advisors, counselors and academic directors to generate and promote innovative policy reforms.

In addition to its five research institutes in China, CCG has overseas offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Frankfurt, London, Paris and Sydney. It has also been designated as a base for talent development theory study by CPC’s Central Committee Coordination Team for Talent Development Affairs.

CCG publishes around 10 major study reports for policy makers and the public every year, including five prestigious annual Blue Books by China Social Science Academy Press. CCG also hosts high-level forums and academic seminars for governments and other think tank partners, such as Forum on China and Globalization, China Outbound Forum, China Overseas Returned Scholars Innovation and Entrepreneurial Forum and numerous roundtables and public events.

Since establishment, CCG has submitted hundreds of policy proposal reports effectively pushing forward constructive policy formulation. These include the 20 new immigration policy measures recently put forth by Beijing Public Safety Department to attract international talent to the capital.

CCG is determined to proceed with its innovation reform on think tank building, in terms of talent management, research design, fund raising and international network building. As CCG President Wang Huiyao has stated, CCG will take a leading role in going abroad to participate in global competition and increase international influence.