CCG Undertakes Research for the International Organization for Migration


Since the first publication of the China International Migration Report in 2012, the Center for China & Globalization (CCG) has continued doing research on global migration, and this work has attracted increasing attention worldwide. At the start of 2014, CCG received special recognition for its work in this field from the International Organization for Migration, which asked the think tank to translate into Chinese the World Migration Report 2013. In 2015, CCG will once again translate its World Migration Report from English into Chinese.  In addition, CCG is undertaking two research projects for the IOM, one dealing with internal migration to urban areas in China, the other with Chinese international migration. This work will be performed between now and the end of 2016.

Founded in 1951, IOM is an international organization dealing with international migration issues.  Some 157 member states and 10 observer states belong to this body. CCG and the IOM have long enjoyed a fruitful relationship, with the two organizations cooperating to hold forums on global talent circulation.

Wang Huiyao, President of CCG, is the only Chinese member of the IOM international advisory board. He is one of the few Chinese experts on migration holding a high-level position in a flagship international organization.