Peport on Globalization of Chinese Enterprises(2014)


Report on Chinese Enterprises Going Global 2014 reviews the latest trend in Chinese companies going global, especially their overseas investment expansion in the context of the worldwide activity in this area carried on by foreign companies. In reviewing these issues, the report discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by Chinese firms in expanding worldwide, while offering useful suggestions on how they can accelerate this process and go about it more effectively. For example, regarding the destination of Chinese foreign investment, the report invited a panel of leading experts with extensive practical experience investing abroad to review the policies and overall economic climate of popular investment sites.
With Chinese firms leaving an ever-larger global footprint with their worldwide investment activity, this new Blue Book is a very timely and welcome addition to the scholarship on this important matter. 

    Preface: Shaping the next phase of going global

    BⅠ  General Report
    B1.  The Trend of China outbound

    BⅡ  Feature Reports
    B2. Current situation and trends of China FDI
    B3.““Going global” strategy and global talents
    B4. Double challenges of “going global” and “how-tos” of China’s enterprises
    B5.Current situation and trends of Governmental approval for enterprises’ overseas investment
    B6. 10 models of China outbound
    B7. Soft power----- the key to handle challenges caused by culture difference
    B8.Vietnam case: Transnational operation of China’s enterprises and its political risks
    B9.Analyses on M & A financing of China’s enterprises
    B10.Anti-monopoly of transnational M&A of host country and national security screening
    B11.Integration Challenges of overseas M&A, response framework and corresponding suggestions
    B12.Discussion on Chinese enterprises going global from the perspective of M&A in Germany
    B13.The human resource management challenges Of Chinese enterprises overseas M&A

    BⅢ  Regional Reports
    B14.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of America
    B15.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Australia
    B16.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of ASEAN
    B17.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Korea
    B18.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Africa—Case-based study on Legal risk prevention of China’s         investment in Africa
    B19.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Canada
    B20.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Chile
    B21.Foreign investment policies and investment climate of Peru’s mining

    BⅣ  Industry Reports
    B22.China’s going global in the field of energy and resources
    B23.China’s going global in the field of finance
    B24. China’s going global in the field of ITC
    B25.Trends and Challenges of Investment on America real estate market
    B26. New way to improve the intellectual level of Chinese manufacturing industry—Alliance of Chinese and German manufacturing industry

    BⅤ Enterprise Reports
    B27.Evaluation of China’s going global
    B28.Enterprise cases
    BⅥ  Countermeasure Report
    B29. Problems and countermeasures of China’s going global

    BⅦ   Appendix
    B30.Collections of legal policies on China outbound    


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