On April 5, 2016, the Center for China & Globalization, New Oriental Education & Technology Group and its affiliated Haiwei Career Service jointly launched the Institute for Global Career Development (IGCD), which is to serve as a new academic study and exchange platform focusing on the career development of Chinese studying abroad  and overseas returnees.

Mabel Miao, Secretary General of CCG

 CCG's Secretary General Mabel Miao Lu delivered a speech at the launching ceremony, titled “career development for overseas returnees and strategy for constructing an innovative nation.” She argued that overseas returnees, who possess broader global networks and perspectives, along with greater accessibility to global capital, have significant advantages in securing job opportunities and starting up businesses.  But despite these assets, returnees can still benefit from professional instruction on career development to identify and leverage their advantages to succeed in the areas of their expertise.
Citing CCG's 2015 report on overseas Chinese returnees, Lu pointed out that most of them choose to work for foreign firms or Chinese privately-owned companies, with the most attractive sectors being finance, trade/whole sales/retail, real estate/construction and Internet. By comparison, very few are engaged in the new generation of IT and the cultural and creative industries.
The new institute will focus on Chinese studying and working abroad, studying various issues regarding the career development of overseas Chinese returnees,  publishing white paper reports on their entrepreneurial activities, and providing relevant policy-making guidance and recommendations.  The Institute will bring together China’s top-flight international professionals and HR management experts to serve as a base for supporting the employment and entrepreneurship of overseas returnees.

Yu Zhongqiu,President of Haiwei Career Service

Haiwei Career Service President Yu Zhongqiu elaborated on the multi-dimensional services that IGCD will provide for Chinese students abroad, overseas returnees, and employers.  These services include gathering “big data,” conducting case studies, and forming partnership with foreign career development organizations. The institute is already scheduled to publish a report on the employment of overseas returnees this July.

Zhou Chenggang, New Oriental President

“The Institute will enable New Oriental to provide more comprehensive, scientific, and systemic service for its members and help Chinese students abroad acquire better career development opportunities,” said New Oriental President Zhou Chenggang during his keynote speech. “New Oriental and CCG have recruited a large number of experts and industry leaders to support the Institute, and they will provide tremendous resources to cultivate internationalized talent and help Chinese students abroad become more globally competitive.”

Those who have been invited to join the IGCD's advisory council include Saudi Basic Industry Corporation Vice President Li Lei, Sofun.com President Mo Tianquan, Beijing Royal School President Wang Guangfa, CCG President Wang Huiyao, and MTR China CEO Yi Min.

Yi Min, Chief Executive of MTR Corporation Ltd.

Li Shichang, Vice President of CCG

"The IGCD is a significant new platform for the exchange of career development experience and solution," said Yi Min on behalf of the council members. He pointed out that real internationalized talent should have outstanding EQ, leadership, and cross-culture communication capabilities.

In addition, the Institute has formed a professional instructor team that will provide guidance, training, consulting, and mentorship for overseas Chinese students and returnees to help them with the life transition and career development.