CCG President Calls on China to Initiate the International Talent Organization

Date:2016-4-8 From:China Youth Daily

China Youth Daily published an article by CCG President Dr. Wang Huiyao on March 29th arguing for China to initiate an international talent organization and lead global talent mobility in the future.

The article was written after CCP Central Committee issued its "Opinion on Deepening Talent Development System Reform," which calls for the establishment of a globally competitive talent recruitment and utilization system and improvement in overseas talent attraction policies. The Opinion specifically proposes to improve the system of nurturing and for introducing talent to international organizations and creating an international talent organization to promote exchange and cooperation. Wang believes that the Opinion, which marks a big step forward for China towards building a globally competitive talent system, has sent a positive signal to overseas Chinese professionals, students, and international talent.

This policy came at a time when China, more than ever, needs talent to enhance its global competitiveness and transform the older economic growth model. Without global talent, the phrase "Chinese Enterprises Going Global" would be nothing more than an empty slogan. The number of foreigners now living in China only account for 0.04% of the country’s total population, which is a much lower share than the global average of 3%. This rate is over 10% in developed countries and 1.6% in developing countries.

To attract more international talent, Wang believes that China needs to establish a new institution specifically in charge of talent affairs, including visas, work permits, and welfare.  In addition, China should more proactively participate in global governance and initiate a "talent WTO" as it has done in assuming leadership in creating the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Silk Road Fund and among the BRICs group.  The international talent organization, like WTO in world trade governance and IMF in global financial affairs, can effectively facilitate the coordination and cooperation on global talent mobility, development, and utilization.

Wang suggested in the article that China can enhance bilateral cooperation and exchange with the countries like Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany and the United States and gradually form a multilateral mechanism to lay a foundation for the international talent organization.