【CRI】 China Unveils Flexible Green Card Policies

Date:2016-2-22 From:CRI

Chinese authorities are to ease the application process for foreigners seeking permanent residence status in the country, in a move that aims to attract more foreign talent by providing them with better services.

The move was announced by the Ministry of Public Security in a statement on Thursday.

Authorities say China must attract elite professionals from outside the country in a more open manner, to ensure continuous economic and social development.

The ruling Party’s central office also issued a circular on Thursday, saying China will explore grading applicants’ qualifications based on their salaries, taxes, and social scores, and allow more entities to employ permit applicants.

Officials say the qualifications for permanent residence are going to be more flexible, pragmatic and market-orientated.

The application procedures are also going to be simplified.

Foreigners working in fields with strong government support will be given priority.

There will also be fewer limits for overseas student applicants.

Under the permanent residency program, foreigners with permanent resident status are to enjoy equal treatment with Chinese citizens.

For more on this, our reporter Zhou Jingnan earlier spoke with Wang Huiyao, president of the Center for China and Globalization, a think tank based in Beijing.