【CRI English】China More Attractive to Foreign Migrants: Report

Date:2015-3-25 Author:CRI English

From CRI English, 19th Mar.,2015

A report on China’s migration status says the country has become a more attractive destination for international migrants in recent years.

As China’s economy has developed at home and integrated globally, the country has begun to be seen as a destination by many international migrants.

The Annual Report on Chinese International Migration was released on Thursday by the Centre for China and Globalization. President Wang Huiyao says China as a destination ranks above several more developed nations.

"In the ranking of the most attractive countries and regions to migrants, china comes in third, only after Switzerland and Singapore, exceeding many developed countries such as the US, japan, France or Britain."

Wang says the results are from a survey conducted by HSBC in 2014, but he has his own theories on why China ranks so high on the list.

"There are a lot of multinational corporations and large amounts of investment here in China, which provides great stimulus for foreign experts. Moreover, during the past few years, china has launched a "thousand-talent scheme" to attract foreign experts and has issued more visas and green cards. All the above factors have provided really great impetus."

While more and more foreign migrants are starting to favor China, the number is still relatively low compared with that of developed countries.

Liu Guofu is a scholar with the Beijing Institute of Technology. He says according to a recent survey, foreign residents in developed countries usually account for about 10 or 11 percent of the population. China has not yet reached that level.

Also, he points out that the number of Chinese working in foreign countries far outstrips the number of foreigners working in China.

"There are 330 thousand Chinese people working in South Korea annually, let alone those who work in other countries. The deficit is fairly significant."

The report also suggests that China has become the largest source of outbound travellers around the world and it is also the largest source of investment migrants to the US.

For CRI, I’m Niu Honglin.