【Xinhua】Chinese premier urges advice on state affairs

Date:2015-2-11 From:Xinhua

BEIJING, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang on Monday called on counselors of the State Council and members of the Central Institute of Culture and History (CICH) to play a bigger role in providing advice for state affairs to spur economic upgrading and social development.

Li made the remarks at a symposium after he presented contracts to 10 new counselors of the State Council and three new members of the CICH.

Hailing the contributions made by counselors and members in helping the government achieve its national economic and social objectives last year, the premier urged the two groups to offer proposals on transforming government functions and building a law-abiding government in the future.

Li said he hoped the counselors and members would conduct studies on issues concerning people’s livelihood, as these issues were related not only to social equity but also to expansion of domestic demand and new sectors of economic growth.

The premier called on the two groups to focus on fields including employment, social security, education and medical services.

Li also encouraged the counselors and members to help strengthen morality in society and enhance national cohesion and creativity through their proposals.