CCTV: Returning Chinese students find success at home


What is the driving force that makes these Overseas Chinese decide to come back despite all the other attractions abroad?And will their startup ventures go as smoothly as they imagined?Wang Huiyao is among the first group of students who returned to China from overseas in the early 1990s. On Saturday he was named as one of the top 10 returned overseas Chinese students, based on the success of their startup endeavors.

This award ceremony took Wang Haiyao, CEO of AEA International Business Consulting Ltd., back to 1993, the year he came back to China. That’s the year he came back to China. In the past nine years he has worked to establish his own business in China.

Prior to 1993, he had spent nine years abroad and was the first mainland-born Chinese to take the position of Chief Trade Counselor in the Quebec government in Canada from 1990 to 1993. Wang Huiyao could easily found a well-paid job abroad for himself, but he chose another way. Wang has now become an ambassador of commercial exchange between China and the Western world.

He says, "I think if I am just staying in one country, there are a lot of limitations for what I can use. By having east meet west, linking the both world, I think there are tremendous opportunities for people like us to cross the Pacific, Atlantic and around the world to bring back opportunities and to contribute to China’s great development."

Ideals can conflict with reality. In the early years of his startup in the Chinese market, red tape led to constant frustration.

But things have changed now. Recently, China has expanded its attention from simply attracting foreign investment to focusing on attracting talented overseas Chinese students who are willing to come back. They bring their advanced technology, innovative ideas, management know-how and even their own capital. Enterprises established by these young entrepreneurs contributed some 10 billion yuan to the country last year.

For almost 10 years, Wang Huiyao’s efforts to link east and west have been ceaseless. He has created many large-scale co-operations and investment projects between China and outside world. His SinoProject network has provided an excellent channel for technology and commercial exchange on a world scale. But such successes never come easily.

Wang says, "The biggest challenge for the students returning overseas is that they don't know where to start. There are varieties of business deals floating around and you don't know where to get the handle of them. Before the startup, to find out where you are good at and familiar with is very important."

There's no doubt that Wang Huiyao has found the right place for his work. Coming home leads him to his success today. For many overseas students like Wang, a stable environment, preferential policies, and many good opportunities are here waiting.(Editor: Wang Chunyan )