Members (alphabetic order)

  • Chen Chen Chen Chen

    Founder and Managing Director of ZerOne Communications

  • Chen Zhi Chen Zhi

    Vice President and CEO of TCL Healthcare

  • Fan Shengyan Fan Shengyan

    Managing Director of M&A Department of China Everbright Limited

  • Gao Mingfei Gao Mingfei

    Senior Partner of Dacheng Law Offices

  • Ge Ming Ge Ming

    Senior Consultant of Ernst & Young Hua Ming

  • Hu Bo    Hu Bo

    Chairman of Ciming Health Checkup Group–OASIS Medical Wellness Club

  • Li Haifeng Li Haifeng

    Chairman & CEO, Ding Yi Corporate Management Ltd.

  • Li Zhendan Li Zhendan

    CEO of Powerark solar pty ltd

  • Li Zhu Li Zhu

    President of Education International Cooperation Group

  • Liu Hongchuan Liu Hongchuan

    Senior Partner of Broad & Bright Law Firm