Standing Committee Members (alphabetic order)

  • Wang Li Wang Li

    Founder, Director & Chief Global Partner of DeHeng Law Offices

  • Wang Qiang Wang Qiang

    Co-Founder of ZhenFund

  • Wang Weidong Wang Weidong

    Founder and Chairman of the Board of D&R Capital in Shenzhen

  • Wang Weifeng Wang Weifeng

    Executive Director and President of Everbright Financial Investment Holding Co.,Ltd.

  • Wu Yunqian Wu Yunqian

    Chairman of Parkland Commercial Properties Co. Ltd.

  • Xu Tao Xu Tao

    Vice President of VIA-HTC Group, Chief Administrative Officer of VIA Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., CEO of Canaan Group

  • Xu Wenqing Xu Wenqing

    Founder and Chairman of Four Six

  • Yan Wangjia Yan Wangjia

    Chief Executive of Venustech. Co. Ltd.

  • Yang Baocheng Yang Baocheng

    Vice President of Huanghe Science & Technology University

  • Yao Lijun Yao Lijun

    Chairman & President of Konfoong Materials International Co. Ltd