D&R Capital was established in March 2010, with a registered capital of 180 million Yuan.

D&R Capital was established in March 2010, with a registered capital of 180 million Yuan. It is a company that manages the first legal private equity fund, made public on the Third New Board in China. (Over the Counter Bulletin Board in China) Its parent company --- James & Hina Capital Management Co.,Ltd has a registered capital of 500 million Yuan, specializing in VC、PE and other kinds of Capital market investments. Among the companies that engage in asset management, D&R capital is dedicated to becoming a new kind of financial enterprise with a distinguishing business model that covers the global market.

D&R Capital holds the view that “distinguished thoughts are valued most and painstaking effort reaps constant benefit”. In its field, D&R Capital provides innovative ideals and practices, with some of its pioneering works below:

1. The earliest agency to engage in equity investment and investment securities by the use of Limited Liability Partnership, in establishing a private offering fund.(East Sea Venture Capital )

2. The earliest use of Limited Liability Partnership in transnational M&A. (M&A with China North Industries Group Corporation for KKT in Germany)

3. The first listed company that uses the mode of +PE to fulfill industrial integration in its own field.

4. The earliest private equity that promotes the asset backed securitization of armament of military industry enterprise and material assets reorganization.

5.  The first legal private equity that went public in China, pioneering other investment agencies in the Secondary Market to go public.

As the first legal private equity that landed on the Third New Board, D&R Capital has advantages such as good timing and geological convenience. With the influx of assets from parent company--- James & Hina Capital Management Co.,Ltd, D&R Capital will turn itself into a global comprehensive assets management company, that is qualified in all kinds of licenses and investments, and benefits the institutional dividend from the transformation of economy and market-based premium valuation. D&R Capital is increasing its capital and enlarging its stock share, launching an additional stock issue tailed for specific investors, who are willing to take part in strategic integration and reconstruction in its field. With cooperation on a common will, D&R capital tries its best to maximize the benefits of customers, share holders, and business partners.

D&R Capital will mainly focus on  legal private equity, gaining fast profit, while putting fixed gain and share investment at a secondary place,gaining stable profits alternative investment and venture capital investment serve as supplements to create excess profits. D&R Capital will gain future profit through innovation and will share the wealth with our distinguished customers!