Yao Lijun

Chairman & President of Konfoong Materials International Co. Ltd

Yao Lijun has two PhD degrees in Materials Science from Harbin Institute of Technology, China and Hiroshima University, Japan respectively. Before he founded KFMI in 2005, he has been working for Honeywell Electronic Materials for over ten years. His role in Honeywell started as a senior engineer; while in a very short period of time, his career ladder went through the CEO of Honeywell Japanese production base and the CEO of Honeywell Great China Area operation. Dr. Yao is a born leader, a friend, a speaker and a manager with proven success in his career path. He has a huge sense of business development and years of experiences in quality control, cost-saving, lean management and running start-up companies.

Dr Yao is the pioneer in Chinese high purity metal processing and semiconductor sputtering target manufacturing industries and was recruited into “One Thousand Global Experts Plan” in 2009 by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of CPC. He has won numerous national level awards, including the“Innovation Award for One-hundred Chinese and Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs”,the“Outstanding Contribution Award for Innovation in Oversea Chinese Circle”, the “Chinese and Overseas Chinese Venture Team Award”(issued by Overseas Chinese Affair Office) and the “Distinguished Experts in China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese”.