Qin Hongtao

founder and CEO of Hengchang

Mr. Qin Hongtao, founder and CEO of Hengchang, is the member of Asia America Multi-technology Association, a most influential organization in American business. He is also the Honorary Board Member of Tsinghua Schwarzman Scholars, EMBA of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, and EMBA of Tsinghua PBC School of Finance. Mr. Qin set foot in news media industry and internet finance industry, in 2000 and 2003 respectively. In 2006, he founded 17p.com, which was an internet info exchange platform. Later the same year, he participated in a large-scale Young Entrepreneurs TV show, Win in China, programmed by China Central Television (CCTV). In 2011, Mr. Qin founded Hengchang Company, a comprehensive modern service provider which offers a wide range of financial services including wealth management, credit risk evaluation and management, credit data integration service, petty loan consultant service and so on.

Mr. Qin actively commits himself to the promotion of the exchange and the healthy development of Internet finance industry. He participated in discussions on multiple topics related to Internet finance at many international forums and events, such as Summer Davos 2015, International Finance Forum 2015 Annual Conference, China Outbound Forum and so on.

Mr. Qin is also devoted into charity and was awarded 2014 Top-10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Fulfilling Social Responsibility and Vice-chairman of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. Meanwhile, Hengchang Company has established strategic partnership with Tsinghua University and promotes its Schwarzman Scholars Program to help cultivation of young global leaders with international vision in the field of economy.