Lu Dong

Executive Director of of MECEC

1996 Mr. Lu Dong as the vice president of Macro-Euro China Enterpreneurs' club to stimulate the enterpreneurs' cooperations between EU and China.

1998 Mr. Lu Dong worked as the national consellor of Euro-Partneriat under the EU-Asia Invest Project Frame Work to organize Chinese enterpreneurs to participate EU globalize Event.

2000 Mr. Lu Dong undertrusted by European Commission as project manager to coordinate all the European chamber of commerce to help EU enterpreneurs to invest in China.

2004 Mr. Lu Dong as the representative of EU Italia Automotive project to help Chinese Auto manufactors to utilize digital technologies (digital design, digital produce, digital assembling, digital analysis and digital control mechining to produce Chines Car.

2009, Mr. Lu Dong represent the Italy Project-Aerospace to help Chinese aviation industry to produce

Aviation engine and aviation transmission box.

In 20012, Mr. Lu dong as the executive director of of MECEC to organize EU-China Business Meeting, in which to find EU rail way manufactors to supply key techniques for China-rail-way industry, like rail way vehical frame bending production and vechnical computing monitor as well as the wiber gate.

2015 Mr. Lu Dong as EU-digital City Representative to promote the new smart city techinques-open sauce technilogy.