Zheng Qunyi

President of Herbalife NatSource (Hunan) Natural Products Co. Ltd.

Zheng Qunyi is an expert of Chinese 'One Thousand Talents' and Hunan Provincial 'One Hundred Talents' Program, and a member of The Second Hunan Academician Expert Advisory Committee. Prior to joining Herbalfie, He served as President and CEO of Pure World Inc. (NASDAQ:PURW), President of Kent Financial Services, Inc. (NASQAQ: KENT), Chairman and CEO of NatSource Chemicals Corporation, and Chairman and General Manager of Natsource Chemicals (Changsha) Co. Ltd.. In 2010, Zheng Qunyi successfully cooperated with Herbalife International Inc., established joint venture Herbalife NatSource (Hunan) Natural Products Co.Ltd.in Changsha, and took up the position as President of the company.

Zheng Qunyi got his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Hunan University in 1982. He received doctor degree in Chemicals at University of Colorado in 1990 and researched in Polymer Organic Synthesis when he did post doctor at Cornell University in 1993. He has over 20 US patents, many academic thesis published on global academic journals, and also edited 'Quality Management of Nutraceuticals' , 'Oriental Herb Medicine' etc. published by American Chemical Society. He participated in evaluation and establishment of standards of standardized products for American Herbal Products Association, as well as American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.