Mao Daqing

Founder and Chairman of UR WORK

Position and Professional Background:

Mao Daqing; Nonparty Personage, Ph.D. and Professor; Postdoctoral of Regional Economics at Peking University; Visiting Professor at University of International Business and Economics and School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University; Distinguished Professor at Department of Architecture of Southeast University; Visiting Professor at MBA Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences; After-school Program Counselor at Peking University Law School; Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Tsinghua University; Executive Director of China Private Economy Association; Research at China Index Academy; Honorable Member at Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor; and Certified Architect.

UR WORK, Founder and Chairman

Senior Partner of Yirun Investment and External Partner of Vanke Group

Former Senior Vice President of Vanke Group; CEO of Headquarters at Beijing; Chairman of Beijing Vanke; and Chairman of Beijing Vanke Logistics Management Co., Ltd.

During the period of the management of Beijing Vanke, the Company’s annual sales reached RMB 20 billion with appropriate 500 staffs managed by Mr. Mao.

Before joined in Vanke, Mao Daqing acted as General Manager of Bohai Bay Area of Singapore CapitaLand China Holdings (member of Singapore CapitaLand Group) – the largest real estate investment authority in Asia. In August 2008, he was promoted to Senior Manager of Temasek Holdings, attached to Singapore Government, in charge of China’s affairs.

During the fourteen years at CapitaLand, Mr. Mao took charge of Ascott Service Mansion projects in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou; of project development and management in Beijing and Bohai Sea. During that period, he took charge the completion of Raffles Square, large-sized commercial complex, and participated in the completion of Raffles City China Fund.

Special Research:

Monograph: Research on Evaluation Theory of Urban Human Life Quality, A Very Short History of Singapore, Green Paper of Beijing; Unattainable Beauty and Wondering Childhood of the series of Childhood in Beijing; and translation works: Clear Water, Green Land, and Blue Sky-- Singapore towards Environment and Water Resources Sustainable Development Road, and Running Power.

Mr. Mao Daqing is a member of Nonparty personage Suggestion Committee of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, member of National Committee of China Association for Science and Technology, Deputy Chairman of China Commercial Real Estate Commission, member of Beijing Municipal Government Expert Consultation Committee, adviser of Beijing Municipal Government, member of Beijing Municipal Committee, Executive Director of Beijing Overseas Union, Chairman of Beijing Youth Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director and Chairman of Overseas-educated Schools Association, academic member of Pangu Zhiku Academic Committee, and adviser of Investment Decision-Making Committee of Board of Directors of China Minsheng Investment.

Dr. Mao Daqing, 46 years old, with the experience of over twenty years in management at large multinational companies and listed companies