Liu Jintian

Director-general and President of the Biological Medicine Technical College in Xi’an

Liu Jintian was born in October, 1963. He comes from Baoji, Shanxi. As a member of the Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang, he has a graduate degree and an academic title of researcher. He is the Director-general and President of the Biological Medicine Technical College in Xi’an. Now he is the director of the establishment office of an ecological tourist attraction run by Shanxi Industrial Development Group.

And he is the Deputy-Director of the Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang in Weiyang district in Xi’an, the Vice President of Overseas Chinese Philanthropic Foundation in Xi’an, Shanxi, the Vice President of National Study and Art Association, a Standing Committee Member of The Higher Education Professional Committee of China’s Non-government Education Association, and the Vice President of the World Spine Health Union.

Inheriting his family tradition as a doctor, he studied in Baoji Medical School and then obtained a junior college degree in Xi’an International Studies University. Between 1986 and 1989, he majored in Human Anatomy in Xi’an Medical University (Xi`an Jiaotong University Health Science Center now), obtaining a Master of Medicine.

He taught in the Medical School of Shihezi University in Xinjiang in October, 1989. He was the Deputy-Director of Human Anatomy Teaching and Research Section and a lecturer who also focuses on bones regeneration study. And he was awarded with “Advanced Individual in Teaching” by government in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Inspired by the thoughts about vocational education of Huang Yanpei, he quitted public employment and engaged himself in non-government education. During his 21-year career, he started New Civilization Medical School and the Biological Medicine Technical College, nurturing more than 14000 competent people for medical care. He was awarded with “Advanced Individual in Vocational Education” by government in Xi’an, “Advanced Individual in Social Service” by The Shanxi Committee of Revolutionary Committee of The Chinese Kuomintang, “Huang Yanpei Outstanding Headmaster” by The National Association of Vocational Education of China, and “Golden Hand Award” by The World Spine Health Union.

Mr. Liu has spent 26 years on Medical Education, study of health, and culture heritage, and he focuses on the demand of health, the educational development, and value in diversity for a long time; He argues that “health, education, and culture are three kinds of domestic demand in livelihood; Through various channels, he gives his opinion to decision makers, holding the view that the state should embolden private education, step by step, ensuring that education develops well in all regions. He was praised by media as “the first man giving his opinion about the revision of Vocational Education Law in Shanxi.

His researches:

《To prepare for The Belt and Road Initiatives, To Build a Healthcare Industrial Park in the New Silk Road》; Submitting research reports to People’s Political Consultative Conference Daily, think-tanks, decision-makers, and industry, initiating that we should establish a think-tank as an incubator, an industrial university, and an institute of the Silk Road with the assistance of foreign and domestic elites at the starting point of the Old Silk Road.