Wu Yunqian

Chairman of Parkland Commercial Properties Co. Ltd.

Yunqian Wu, born in 1971, comes from Yueqing, Zhejiang. He is the Chairman of Parkland Commercial Properties Co. Ltd. (referred to as "Parkland"). He is also the President of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of Dalian, Vice President of China Commercial Real Estate Association, and an Honorary President of a primary school founded by him for children of migrant workers.

Mr. Wu has foot in the field of commercial property management and development for years. The Parkland, founded by him in 1992 and characterized by a Wenzhou business code, is a leading developer and operator of commercial properties in China. The company focuses on the development of commercial properties and has accumulated numerous experience and resources in this field. In 1999, the Parkland achieved a leap-forward in development by successfully developing the Dalian Parkland Mall, which has become a landmark of Dalian. The company has formed two major commercial property brands. On one hand, shopping malls like Parkland Mall target the upscale market and provide people with hospitality and recreational services. On the other hand, wholesale markets, with mall-like shopping environments and supermarket-like layouts, aim at establishing high-quality shopping spaces in China's new upgraded version of wholesale and retail markets. The Parkland has successfully developed and operated several commercial properties, such as Dalian Parkland Mall, Dalian International Finance Center- Parkland Court Multifunctional Urban project, Dalian Parkland Harbor – Outlets, Dalian Amber Bay project, Dalian Wenzhou City Mall, Changchun Wenzhou City Mall, Shenyang Wenzhou City Mall, Hefei Parkland Mall etc. with over two million square meters of reserve and operational space. Mr. Wu has over 1000 employees, large scale assets worth more than 11 billion Yuan, and is now the Vice President of the Chinese Commercial Real Estate Union.

As the President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of Dalian, Mr.Wu won the Dalian Economy Figure of the Year Award in 2005, received the Annual China Commercial Real Estate Leaders title in 2006 and 2010, and received the CIHAF Annual Real Estate New Leader title in 2008.