Peng Jun


Mr. Jun Peng is a technology expert and business leader in energy industry and environmental protection sector, with an Engineering degree in China and MBA degree of Ivey business school in Canada. He was the Chairman of Chinese oversea association at Ivey. Mr. Peng has extensive experience in engineering, project management, business development and client relationship throughout his 25-year career, owning over 10 patents in environmental technologies. His technologies have been implemented in various commercial projects in Asia-Pacific and have reached the best scenarios of the same applications in US. Mr. Peng also participated in drafting of the regulation policy of the Ministry of China Environmental Protection.

Mr. Peng was invited to start his entrepreneurship by Chinese government, and has founded his own company in China with a focus on environmental protection industry. From a blank beginning of his new business in China, he has led his team to achieve a 100% growth rate of revenues, profit and paid tax for a consecutive 4-year. Mr. Peng has received a variety of honors by the government and society, including “High-level international entrepreneur of Changsha City”, “Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Hunan province”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents Recognition by China Technology Ministry” and “Top Chinese Entrepreneurial team by China State Council ”.