Li Wen

Founder & Chairman of Linkweb-power

Li Wen, Founder & Chairman of Linkweb-power. Mr. Li earned his Ph.D in Sociology from Nankai University, and M. S. in Management from Aston University. He is IPMAALevel Assessor/IPMA Certified Projects Director(Level A), Western Returned Scholars Association 2005 Committee Member, and honored to be Government Special Allowance Expert of the State Council and National Excellent Study Abroad Returnee. Prior to estabishing linkweb-power, he was Vice Chairman of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group, and General Manager of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group (12 years). his magnum Opus include: Practice of Enterprise Projectification Management and Power of Duckweb: How to Develop Talents through Projectification Management.

Personal Achievements:

2002, delivered the paperProjectification Management of EnterprisetoChina (First) International Seminar on Project Management, initially putting forward the concept “Enterprise Projectification Management”, marking Levin Li the first practitioner and advocate of projectification management thoughts.

2004, formally brought out the English name“Projectification Management” in 18th IPMA World Congress, in Budapest.

2004, won “Awards for Top Ten Management Innovations of Young Chinese Businessmen in Asia”.

2005, awarded “2005 Entrepreneurship& Innovation Awards,First Prize” bythe British Chamber of Commerce in China.

2006, led “The Project of Organisation Transform by Projectized Management”, being granted “IPMA International Excellence Award 2006” as thePrize Winner.

2009, Known as theBest China’s CEO; appraised as “the performer to integrate the wisdom of modern management into traditional enterprise” by Forbes.