Li Haifeng

Chairman & CEO, Ding Yi Corporate Management Ltd.

Li Haifeng is the Chairman and CEO of Ding Yi Corporate Management Ltd., a visiting scholar of Harvard University, a young entrepreneur leader, honorary director and senior researcher in Industry Development Institute of the China Academy of Management Development Science, and also a member of China Entrepreneur Club Green Companies Alliance.


Awarded as China Economic Figures of 2014 in the Great Hall of the People;
2. Awarded as China Economic Innovation Figures in the 4th Chinese Investor Conference;
3. Established the No.1 brand forum of Chinese Insurance Industry - Ding Yu Insurance Forum, and occupied as the Forum President;
4. Created the highest rewards of the global insurance industry - Insurance Famous;
5. Awarded as Leader of Insurance Information Communication Industry;
6. Continuously been invited to several heavyweight conferences in both domestic and foreign economy and business sector;
7. Donated RMB1.34 million to Chinese stay-at-home children through Hong Foundation.