Qi Lixin

President of Beijing East J&P Star Consulting Co., Ltd.

Charles Qi has been engaged in Canada settlement, business study and investment consulting since 1996. He is the most authoritative person in the industry at the level of Chinese citizen going overseas for development, legal consulting, interpretation and analysis of immigration policy. So far, he has participated in official meetings of Canada Immigration, Provincial Immigration Offices and Immigration Office of other countries for many times. Charles Qi has also received visit of important officials in political circles from different countries as authoritative representative of Chinese immigration industry for many times. 
Charles Qi is an overseas Chinese in Canada, authoritative expert of emigration and senior Immigration Consultant. He has served as member of Canada China Business Council and member of Canada Better Business Bureau. Currently, he serves as convener of National Entry & Exit Immigration Association Federation, President of Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association in the 1st and the 2nd term, and Honorary President of the association. 

In 2004, Charles Qi has been selected as President of Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association and he becomes an excellent entrepreneur of Chinese brand construction. His company J&P Star has also become President Company of Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association. Letter of thanks and letter of authentication have been received from embassy of Canada, America, Australia, Germany, England, Singapore and Europe etc. 
Up to now, Charles Qi has very high speaking right and attention at home and abroad. Tens of media at home and abroad have made exclusive interviews to Charles Qi respectively or published reports and articles related to him, including CCTV, Phoenix Satellite Television, China National Radio, Xinhua News Agency, VOA, Xinmin Weekly, Yomiuri Shimbun, People’s Daily, Southern Weekly, Global Times, Mingpao Daily of Hong Kong, China Daily, Sina and Sohu etc.