Pan Jun

Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Fazheng Group

Pan Jun, Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Fazheng Group, graduated as Bachelor of Law in China University of Political Science and Law in 1993,EMBA of Peking University Guanghua School of Management in 2003.

Pan Jun has been working in Beijing Fazheng Industries Group Co., Ltd since 1993, and she has been the Assistant of CEO & Director of President Office, Vice President and Vice Executive President. She has served as the Vice President & Chief Executive Officer since 2004. As a core member of the directors board, Pan Jun assists the chairman convenes and organizes the shareholder's meeting, the directors' meeting and other important business activity meetings, participating in making decisions on the company's all major operating matters; appoints and dismisses the company's senior management; supervises the enforcement of shareholders resolutions and broad resolutions. As the Chief Executive Officer, Pan Jun fully hosts and guides the daily operations and culture construction of the group; represents the company to attend the important activities of industry and government; guides and supervises the work plan and implementation of subsidiary corporations; regularly reports on business situation to the board of directors and submits annual report.

Under the leadership of the board of directors, Pan Jun explores and innovates boldly. She carries out the strategy transformation and structural adjustment, improving the governance system and inner management system continuously, making the group become a leader in the rapid development of industries. Fazheng Group has since then developed into an Omni-directional, multi-level and interdisciplinary modern enterprise group,including real estate, international education, health care, law, multinational economic consulting and research,technology development and media, etc.