Xu Tao

Vice President of VIA-HTC Group, Chief Administrative Officer of VIA Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., CEO of Canaan Group

Mr. Tom Hsu (Xu Tao) has been working in IT industry for over 20 years and is currently the Vice President of the VIA-HTC Group and Chief Administrative Officer of VIA Technologies (China) Co., Ltd., and CEO of Canaan Group. In recognition of his outstanding contribution in China's IT industry, Mr. Hsu was named "the Top Ten Young People in Economy for the year 2006" in Shanghaiand received "Outstanding Industry Contributor in 20 Years" by Beijing's prestigious Zhongguancun IT Park title in 2009.

Mr. Hsu is an ardent lover of wine, and has been paying close attention to the progress of wine industry throughout the world.  In 2006, together with some entrepreneur friends who have common interest in wine, Mr. Hsu established Canaan Group and took the position of CEO.  After nine-year’s hardworking, Canaan has established a most professional grapevine nursery, 600 hectare vineyards, which are all owned and managed by Canaan, as well as a winery, where modern technology and traditional winemaking ideology are perfectly matching each other.

Under Mr. Hsu's leadership, Canaan adopted multiple advanced technologies in viticulture and wine making, and had proven itself in fact to be the leader and pioneer in China’s wine industry to practice precision viticulture in vineyard farming. Thanks to his profound background in IT industry, Mr. Hsu is also bringing new advances in IT field such as the Internet of Things and Cloud computing, into vineyards and wineries. Mr. Hsu has also been freely sharing the philosophy and technology of Canaan and Domaine Franco-Chinois with other vintners in the region, and organized an association of vintners of the Huailai Wine Region. Mr. Hsu was elected the first Chairman of the Huailai Grape Industry Association in 2012.

Mr. Hsu led Canaan's acquisition of Domaine Franco-Chinois in 2010. DFC was a demonstration project jointly by the governments of China and France, in order to exhibit the concept and techniques of French wine. A professional team organized by French government had been responsible for the establishment of the vineyard and winery of DFC, from site survey and selection, to decision on vine varieties, to the import of vines and equipment from France, to hand-on technical support and professional personnel training in France. DFC is a successful example for the Sino-French cooperation in wine industry as well as in agricultural field.

After the acquisition by Canaan and under the leadership of Mr. Hsu, DFC has been making further successes while French philosophy and technology of wine growing have been thoroughly respected and promoted. In the 2014 Best Chinese Wine Awards by RVF China, DFC was awarded two gold medals out of four, the annual best vintner, and the annual best winemaker. The Huailai Wine Region is also named the annual Star Wine Region in China.

Back in the year 2010, Canaan Group signed a Joint Statement with the two Ministries of Agriculture of China and France, under the witness of the two Ministers, stating that DFC will continue to be the hub and platform for the exchange and cooperation of the two countries in wine industry. Mr. Hsu signed the paper representing Canaan Group and he will continue to help to strengthen and witness the development of friendship and cooperation of the two nations.