Joining Us

CCG Members

◎Since its inception in 2007, the Center for China and Globalization has become China’s leading international think-tank. To promote CCG’s influence at home and abroad the CCG invites world-class scholars to serve on the CCG Academic Experts Committee and some of the most influential people to serve as directors, council members and as advisory committee members:

The CCG Chairman, Mr. Long Yongtu, formerly served as the Vice-Minister of the State Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and the Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia.

CCG Co-Chairman, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, is the Chairman of Hong Kong’s Hang Lung Properties and Co-chairman of the Asia Society.

To create its membership the CCG has gathered talented entrepreneurs with international vision, who are public-spirited as well as socially responsible professionals, and who have a strong sense of mission.

The CCG welcomes entrepreneurs and experts who have thoughts and ideas on China’s National Talent Development Plan and National Enterprises Development Plan. The CCG assists each of its members to create influential communication platforms with which to communicate with the government and it establishes communication channels with other prominent international think tanks and international academic institutions.

The CCG’s mission is to put forth policy recommendations for the betterment and development of the State and society. The CCG’s members participate directly in the guidance and influence of China’s future by delving into China’s social issues, and then to help members from the business sector solve related problems by creating unobstructed channels of policy influence.

Membership Policy

Council members include:

Leaders from the industrial sectors, professionals with influence at home and abroad, outstanding talent from China's leading enterprises, representatives of multinational companies and international businessmen.

CCG members have the opportunity to participate in activities, which include major conferences and summit forums, and they are given access to communicate with government closed-door conferences and small internal seminars. Members are encouraged to participate in research reports, become editorial board member of the blue book, plan reports on policy, government decision-making and other important proposals.

Current research subjects and activities in need of sponsor and support:

★Policy barriers for Chinese enterprises going global

★Internationalization index of Chinese enterprises ranking

★Survey on Multinational Corporation’s Role in the Development of Chinese International Talents

★CCG --blue book of global talents series

★Annual Report on Chinese international talents competitiveness

★Annual Report on Chinese international migration

★Annual Report on the development of Chinese returnees

★Annual Report on the development of Chinese students studying abroad

★Annual Report on Chinese regional talent competitiveness

★Suggestions from top 100 international talents in China

★Book series on overseas Chinese scholars

★History of Chinese returnees

★Think tank summit on China and globalization

★Forum on globalization of Chinese enterprises

★Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship of Chinese returnees

★Harvard alumni’s forum on Chinese public policy

★Visiting plan of Chinese international talents to top think tanks and universities

★Exhibition of Chinese returnees, documentary on Chinese returnees, museum of Chinese returnees