About Council

CCG Members

◎Since its inception in 2008, the Center for China and Globalization has become China’s leading international think-tank. To promote CCG’s influence at home and abroad the CCG invites world-class scholars to serve on the CCG Academic Experts Committee and some of the most influential people to serve as directors, council members and as advisory committee members:

The CCG Chairman, Mr. Long Yongtu, formerly served as the Vice-Minister of the State Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and the Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia.

CCG Co-Chairman, Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, is the Chairman of Hong Kong’s Hang Lung Properties and Co-chairman of the Asia Society.

To create its membership the CCG has gathered talented entrepreneurs with international vision, who are public-spirited as well as socially responsible professionals, and who have a strong sense of mission.

The CCG welcomes entrepreneurs and experts who have thoughts and ideas on China’s National Talent Development Plan and National Enterprises Development Plan. The CCG assists each of its members to create influential communication platforms with which to communicate with the government and it establishes communication channels with other prominent international think tanks and international academic institutions.

The CCG’s mission is to put forth policy recommendations for the betterment and development of the State and society. The CCG’s members participate directly in the guidance and influence of China’s future by delving into China’s social issues, and then to help members from the business sector solve related problems by creating unobstructed channels of policy influence.

Membership Policy

Council members include:

Leaders from the industrial sectors, professionals with influence at home and abroad, outstanding talent from China's leading enterprises, representatives of multinational companies and international businessmen.

CCG members have the opportunity to participate in activities, which include major conferences and summit forums, and they are given access to communicate with government closed-door conferences and small internal seminars. Members are encouraged to participate in research reports, become editorial board member of the blue book, plan reports on policy, government decision-making and other important proposals.



Inviting members to participate in research conducted by CCG that will influence major decisions of State and government, advising CCG research work, providing guidance and input into the topics under examination. Thereby influence and promote the development of relevant policies to make recommendations to the government.

Connecting Governments

Members can participate in large-scale forum activities, SME round-table, and give priority as guest speakers. Ask for members proposals on key issues, and make to create reports that are submitted to the relevant Ministries.  Thus it can create a platform for the director to communicate with government officials and other public figures.

International Cooperation

CCG goal is to build an authoritative platform for cutting-edge ideas around the world. Provide exchange opportunities to communicate with top global think tanks and internationally renowned universities and research institutions, and cooperate with these organizations on bilateral or multilateral research projects.

Customized Services

CCG is truly concerned with the professional development of each member. According to member’s individual requests, special consideration will be given to the choosing of research subjects, cooperation on projects and make a choice on the theme of events. Symposiums will be held periodically, and members are welcome to discuss which issues should be selected for the discussions.

Invitations to attend events

CCG members will be privileged with naming rights of the following activities: international think-tank scholar program, subject research program,  books series and blue book series of global talents.

Invited to attend

Members are invited to attend a wide range of events. There are nearly twenty professional and high-level forums, special lectures, high-level round-tables, academic conferences, suggestions conferences and luncheons. In addition, there are international elite networking receptions, training and study sessions, communication opportunities with international organizations and think tanks, such as The United Nations, the Asia Society and Rand Corporation.

Resources Sharing

Through CCG’s exclusive channels members can actively submit reports and policy recommendation to government departments.  Information Briefings are organized regularly; members can learn about the latest industry regulations, policy formulation and policy implementation.
Preferential rights

Members have the right to publish information through CCG channels.


Members enjoy preferential opportunities to participate in events and activities that require fees, such as professional high-level cross-border visits, professional training and contributing to publications organized by the CCG.

Free Resources

CCG members have access to all CCG products, including all publications, books, periodicals and internal reference material. Members also have access to the important intellectual findings that are the outcome of the Forum Meetings.  Members are also welcome to participate in a variety of training seminars and other activities free of charge.