Non_Resident Senior Fellows

Cai Zhiqiang, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, professor and dean of Party building with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. Professor Cai earned his Ph. D of laws from Fudan University, and his research focuses on construction of administration and social crisis management. He presided more than 10 national and provincial research programs, and won 5 ministerial and provincial-level rewards.

Cheng Nailing(Nellie Cheng), Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Ms. Cheng has followed a distinguished path of public service in Canada and the United States for more than 25 years and established a track record in global business development. She is presently working with World Green Building Council and U.S. Green Building Council. She received the first World GBC Chairman's award in 2011, in recognition of her significant contribution to the global green building movement. She is currently a member of the City of Vancouver's Multicultural Advisory Committee. Nellie Cheng obtained her Master Degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and Executive Management Diploma from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Ding Dou, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, professor in the School of International Studies at Peking University, where he specializes in questions of political economy and integration. He has been a visiting scholar in the US and Japan on frequent occasions, and has written widely on issues from currency reevaluation to bilateral economic relations.

Fang Tao, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Dr. Fang is the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation at Memorial University of Newfoundland and an Associate Professor with the University of Toronto. Currently he holds the J. Robert Beyster Faculty Fellowship at Rutgers University and serves on a World Bank's Expert Advisory Committee on Migration and Development.Prior to joining Memorial, he was the Director of Master of International Business Program and an Associate Professor of Human Resources Management and Employment Relations at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and NBER.

Gao Zhikai, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr Gao is the managing director of Pacific Century Cyberworks, member of social and legislation division of The Revolution Committee of Chinese Guomingtang, legal counsel of China Association of Mayors, and etc. 

Guo Shengxiang, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Guo is a renowned Australian economist, and he is graduated from management department of Wuhan University in 1988, then earned his financial Ph.D Degree from Gonzaga University in 1993.

He Weiwen, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. He is co-director at the Study Center for China-US/EU and managing director of China Society for WTO Studies. He is also an adjunct professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. From 1997 to 2003, he was Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Consulate General in New York and San Francisco. He is listed in the expert database of State Council Information Office and  Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs.

Hou Wenxuan, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Hou joined the University of Edinburgh as a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Finance. He currently acts as an associate editor of European Journal of Finance, and a guest editor of the special issues of Business History (4*), Journal of Business Ethics (2013), and International Small Business Journal (2012). He has organised a number of international academic conferences in various countries.

Hu Jianhua, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr Hu is the former associate counsel of CPC's Organization Department, deputy director of China Global Talent Society, member of HOME Program Expert Committees of China Association for Science and Technology.

Huang Haifeng, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Huang is Associate Dean of Peking University HSBC Business School, his research interests covers Economic Transition, Strategic management, Regional economics and Green Economy, and he earned his Ph.D from Humboldt University.

Huang Jianhui, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Huang is the Vice-President of research institute of China Development Bank (CDB), member and vice secretary-general of 50-member Forum of the New Supply of Economics in China. He earned his master degree from CASS, and studied Financial Management in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,USA.

Li Zhaoxi, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Li is Deputy Director and Researcher of Enterprise Institute of DRC, and he received his MBA degree from CEMI.

Liu Chen, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Ms. Liu is a Professor of the Social Sciences, School of English and International Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). Her research interests include international relations, international political economy and international communication. Her work primarily covers the transformations of going global strategies of Asian countries, above all, China, India, South Korea and Mongolia and so on.

Liu Guofu, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Liu is professor of law school of Beijing Institute of Technology, he received a bachelor degree of law school of Zhengzhou University, master degree of law department of CUPL and PhD. of law school of University of Technology Sydney.

Lu Jiangyong, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Lu is Professor of Guanghua School of Management Peking University, he also acted as the assistant professor of School of Economics and Management Tsinghua University and the researcher of  Center for China in the World Economy, Tsinghua University.

Rong Liya, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Ms. Rong is Law Professor of Peking University, and she also serves as an Assistant President of Chongqing University and Professor at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). She has been served as the publisher of Harvard China Review, and has been a Special Advisor to the President of Cornell University as well as a Special Advisor to the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin (Madison).

Ruth Shapiro, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Ms. Shapiro is the Chief Executive of the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society based in Hong Kong.  The Centre studies and promotes increased transparency, accountability and impact of philanthropy and social delivery organizations throughout Asia.  She is a regular speaker on philanthropy, NGOs, corporate social responsibility and shared value.

She is the author of The Real Problems Solvers published by Stanford University Press and 《真正的问题解决者:社会企业如何用创新改变世界》 published by Cheers Publishing in Beijing.

Dr. Shapiro received her PhD from Stanford University, Masters degrees from Harvard and George Washington Universities and her BA from the University of Michigan.

Shen Wei, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Shen is Associate Dean for China and Jean Monnet Chair Professor at ESSCA School of Management in Angers, France. He is the Founder and Co-Chair of Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools (ACE), research fellow at Centre Asie of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) in Paris, Vice-President of EU-Asia Centre in Brussels and teaches at Sciences Po de Paris and Strasbourg. Professor Shen received PhD in Human Geography from Loughborough University (UK), LLM from Stockholms Universitet, European Master in Law and Economics and MA in Urban Management from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. He has also studied at CERI/CNRS Sciences Po Paris, Bocconi (Milan), Linkoping, Hamburg and Warwick universities.

Wang Boqing, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Dr.Wang Boqing is the Founder and President of MyCOS Data. He is also the chief architect of the company’s flagship China Higher Education Follow-up System (CHEFS), as well as editor-in-chief of the Chinese College Graduates' Employment Annual Report published through the Chinese Social Sciences Academic Press (China). He is on the permanent faculty of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and is Vice President of the China International Talents Committee. Dr. Wang obtained his Ph.D. in Economics at Washington State University and was for over a decade a consultant and a research economist for the State of Washington specializing in labor economics. He founded MyCOS in 2006 and has built it to be the most trusted premier higher education management and data consulting firm in China.

Wang Yuanfeng, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, Vice Dean of The Central Committee Advisory Department of Jiu San Society, Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, member of CHTS, special inspectors of The Supreme People's Court, member of  Central Committee of Jiu San Society, and member of the 11th Beijing Municipal Committee of CPPCC. Mr. Wang earned his BA, MA and Ph.D from Harbin Institute of Technology during 1981-1992, and he got his post doctorate from Beihang University during 1992-1994.

Wei Hongxia, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Ms. Wei is the researcher of Institute of American Studies (IAS) under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Wu Bin, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Wu is a senior research fellow at China Policy Institute, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies. Before joining the University of Nottingham in October 2007, he had seven years of research experience in the Seafarers International Research Centre at Cardiff University.

Dr. Wu holds a BSc in Physics, a MA in Philosophy of Science and Technology, and a PhD in Human Geography. He has a wide range of research interests and project experiences in areas of globalization, social justice and empowerment of migrant workers; global citizenship, higher education reform and engagement with Chinese society; rural development, innovation and sustainability in China; vulnerability of Chinese migrant workers, working conditions, health and safety; Diaspora Chinese community development and integration.

Xu Hongcai, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Xu is Professor and Director of Information Department of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE). He was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Asia Research at the University of British Columbia. He is also a professor in finance of the Capital University of Economics and Businesses (CUEB), special professor of the Tsinghua University, specialist financial commentators of CCTV. Prof. Xu earned his Master degree in Philosophy from the Renmin University of China in 1993, Ph.D in Economics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1996.

Yang Rui, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG. Mr. Yang is China’s answer to Larry King. Direct and incisive, he focuses on the global trends behind the daily headlines. He is the global voice of New China.

At a time when the world order is shifting from mono to multi-polar, peaceful coexistence depends on understanding and cooperation. Ideological self-righteousness and confrontation are not the answers. Yang Rui has dedicated his career to using dialogue to understand the ideas behind global views and actions.

At a time when world perspectives have been largely monopolized by western views and preconceptions, Yang Rui brings the views of a vigorous New China to the discussion table. An unapologetic patriot and passionate journalist, Yang Rui presents China’s accomplishments, challenges and future from the Chinese perspective. Today China has its own voice, the views of “Old China Hands” and foreign analysts are important, but the time has come for voices of China’s rich, vibrant and diverse community to be heard directly.

Zhang Bogeng (Julian Chang),  Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, Dean of Student Life of Schwarzman Scholars, former Executive Director Asia Programs of Harvard University. Prior to joining Harvard in 2001, Chang served as the Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian Studies and Deputy Director of the Asia Pacific Research Center at Stanford. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University and his B.A. from Yale University.

Zhu Xufeng, Non-Resident Senior Fellow of CCG, Professor at the School of Public Policy and Management Tsinghua University. Dr. Zhu earned his bachelor's degree in environment engineering and doctor's degree in public management from Tsinghua University in 2000 and 2005. Before he moved back to Tsinghua University, he served as Professor at the Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University. His research interests involve the Chinese policy process, think tanks and expert participation, Science & Technology policy, environment and climate policy, and public governance in transitional China.

He is the author of The Rise of Think Tanks in China, Expert Participation in Policy Changes, and China's Think Tanks: Their Influences in the Policy Process, and has published over ten English articles in Public Administration, The China Quarterly, Policy Sciences, Public Management Review, Administration & Society, Asian Survey and other international journals and dozens of articles in Chinese journals such as Social Sciences in China, Sociological Studies, and Management World, which are highly prestigious academic journals in respective field in China. He was the winner of the American Society for Public Administration (APSA) “Best Comparative Policy Paper Award for 2012”.